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- Learn to make shoes by hand.

Links to sites related to books on shoemaking.

Eugenia Neave - Boot and shoemaker, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
Luna Newby
Custom made footwear and classes, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Pendragon Shoes
- Custom made and Theatrical Footwear, Maroochydore, Australia.
Foot Talk Blog
Dancing Shoes
 - Some good resources and information here.
The Honourable Cordwainers' Company
- Crispin Colloquy has a good forum for shoemakers and if I can't answer your questions then someone there should be able to help.
Walrus Shoe and Leather Co
- Manufacturers of Period and Theatrical Footwear, and suppliers of tools, materials, and books.
Noble Footwear
- Industry education and books.
International Internet Leathercrafter's Guild
- Online leather guild.
Bootmaker Dot Com
- DW Frommer 2 Western Bootmaker
Thornapple River Boots
- Toolmakers and last resellers
C.T. Chappel
- Bootmaker and equipment.
- lasts and equipment.
Custom Cowboy Boots & Shoes Forum
 - Information of all sorts.
 - Koronya handmade shoes and boots.
Mindy McInnes
- Boot and shoemaker, Sydney, Australia.
Emma Greenwood
- Boot and shoemaker, Blog, Melbourne, Australia.
Last-Making School
 - Snohomish washington
Emma Shirgwin
- Boot and Shoemaker, Melbourne, Australia.
- Shoemaker, Singapore.
Jouw Stoute Shoenen
- Shoemaker, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sorrell Custom Boots
 - Bootmaker, Guthrie, Oklahoma
Grupo Faria e Irmao - Last makers, Portugal

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